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Education Sector Working Group (ESWG)

The main purpose of the ESWG is to act as a coordination forum between the PA and donors. It serves as a platform for discussing policy priorities, progress in implementation of the EDSP IV within the National Policy Agenda pillars.

The key functions of the ESWG are as follows:

·         assist donors in aligning assistance in relation to the PA National Plans  and strategies for the sector;

·         support the development and updating of sector strategies within the framework of national plans and budgets;

·         carry out coordinated and strategic dialogue with the purpose of identifying PA priorities and the readiness/availability of the donor community to fund related programmes;

·         function as the main source of information for sector needs and achievements, donor funding and gaps;

·          support the establishment of a sector-wide approach and possibly a pooled funding mechanism;

·         develop joint indicators for sector monitoring and programme-based approaches.

The work of the ESWG is further supported by the Technical and Thematic Working Groups chaired by Ministry of Education (MoEHE). These report directly to the ESWG. ESWG reports to PMO.


Ministry of Education and Higher Education (MoEHE)

Deputy: Finland
Technical Advisor: United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)

Donors: Finland, Belgium, Norway, Ireland, Germany, Japan, World Bank, USA, UK and Turkey

Government institutions: Ministry of Finance and Planning, Ministry of Labour, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Social Development

Private Sector: PITA

CSOs: Afkar, Psdpal
Secretariat: Local Aid Coordination Secretariat (LACS)

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Key documents 
MoEHE - Annual Education Sector Review (ASR): 08 – 11 May 2017 Aide Memoire (AM)
MoEHE - Education Sector Strategic Plan 2017-2022, April 2017
MoEHE - Education Development Strategic Plan 2017-2022, 22 February 2017
UN Women - Gender in Education, 21 October 2013
MoEHE - Policy for Safe and Equitable Access to Quality Education - Targeting Marginalized Areas and Groups
ESWG Meeting - 06 December 2012 - Minutes
Education Development Strategic Plan (EDSP) 2008-12 Annual Education Sector Review (ASR): June 25-28, 2012
New Institutional Features at MoE:Operations Manual on Preparing the Annual Plan and BudgetMinistry-wide Procurement Plan ASR 2012, 25 June 2012
MoEHE – Establishing the State Building the Future – Education Provision in Area C, 12 Oct 2011
Save the Children – Children’s Right to Education in Armed Conflict, Oct 2011
Japan - New Japanese NGO to start the educational project in East Jerusalem
Japan Extends Grassroots Assistance in Education and Water for Rural Communities in the West Bank
Higher Education Sector Action Plan 2011, March 2011
UN Education Strategic Area Group (SAG), 23 March 2011
UNESCO-EFA Global Monitoring Report 2011 - The hidden crisis: Armed conflict and education
UNESCO-EFA Global Monitoring Summary Report 2011 - The hidden crisis: Armed conflict and education
Ministry of Education and Higher Education - UNFPA: Summary of the evaluation study for Adolescence Health and Teacher’s Guide in Reproductive Health Program, 16 February 2011
UNESCO - Education for Sustainable Development Lens: A Policy and Practice Review Tool,February 2010
UNESCO - The Central Role of Education in the Millennium Development Goals
PCBS releases Statistical Report about Environmental Survey for Education Sector, 2010
UNRWA Medium Term Strategy 2010 - 2015, August 2010
Quality and Development Domain in the EDSP: Implementation within 2010 plan
EDSP Program Fiche 1- Physical Infrastructure and School Environment
Ministry of Education and Higher Education - Quality Systems for Quality Teachers: Towards the Implementation of the National Strategy for Teacher Education
Summary Strategy of Education, & Technical and Vocational Training Center, 2011 – 2013
MoEHE - Higher Education Plan for 2010, February 2010
MoEHE - Education Development Strategic Plan, 2008-2012
Policies to Improve Capacity of Technical Education and Vocational Training to Meet SME’s Needs
Education Development Strategic Plan 2008 - 2012
Fanalisation of Perfrormance Assessments Framework and related M&E System for the EDSP 2010-2014
Tawjihi Test
CAP 2010 and Education Cluster Update
Joint Appraisal Mission for the Development of Joint Modality within a SWAP to Support the Palestinian Education System
ESWG Meeting - 10 Sep 2008 - PROGRAMMES OF THE FIVE-YEAR PLAN 2008-2012 - Fiches Programme

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