Local Development Forum
Consultative Group

Consultative Group (CG)

Unlike the other aid bodies, the CG mechanism did not derive from the Madrid multilateral track (1991). Indeed, it was not unique to West Bank and Gaza, but is used in many aid-recipient countries as a mechanism for aid mobilisation and high level discussion between the recipient and its multilateral and bilateral aid partners. CG meetings served as follow up on the pledges of aid made at the major (and more political) conferences held in Washington in 1993 and 1998 to solicit 5-year pledges of support for the peace process.

The basic division of labour between the Ad Hoc Liaison Committee (AHLC) and the Consultative Group was that the former discusses policy and the latter was the primary forum for donors to discuss specific project activities and pledge funds.

Since the last CG in 1999 for the oPt, the deteriorating political situation between the parties was not propitious for the convening of another pledging conference: the AHLC and informal channels have now taken on more of this role of mobilising assistance funds for the Palestinians and, in particular, budgetary support to the PA.

Chair: World Bank, host country
Members: All donors (senior official level) and multi-lateral agencies